Contemporary jewellery is about living objects that tell a story. I have created this collection that I called ''a journey '' I sincerely hope you will enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

The source of my inspiration is the place where I live : Greece. Its history, its ancient heritage,, its mythology. The evocative power firmly rooted in places such as Delphi, Dilos, Sounio... The glaring brightness of its unique light embracing its breathtaking landscapes.... Together, they all give rise to the feelings and emotions that underline and motivate the creation of my pieces.

By exploring materials, as divers as metal in gold (different colors), silver and brass, gemstones, wood, I am trying to make jewellery that is modern yet classic, in an effort to form an aesthetic link between antiquity and modern times.

Some have structural, sculpted forms ; others have pure, simple lines. They are all hand crafted. I sculpt many of my pieces in wax, casting by the lost wax method. Gemstones are cut in no standard form in order to give a ''rough'', ''organic'' look. The rings are unique and cannot be replicated but every piece is precious to me for its symbolic content and once achieved, the piece becomes a form of expression.

I hope my pieces can be worn as a personality statement and above all to bring joy and vitality to the women who will choose to wear them.

Personal information

I am a French self-employed jewellery designer, plastic artist. I was trained in traditional methods of goldsmith at Saint Martins in London and in Mokume in Greece. I have indeed explored many artistic routes such as sculpture, painting and ceramic before discovering with a certain passion the craft of jewellery. By working with the same sense of proportion and equilibrium as in sculpture and looking for the best exploration of shapes and colors makes jewellery a source of creative possibilities that never stop fascinating me.

I currently live and work in Athens Greece.